The Journey

The journey leading to the creation of PINX.

2000 Banking and Beauty

PINX founders, Deena Al-Ansari and Souha Sawan met at work in 2000 while they were pursuing a career in banking.   In 2006, they felt a need for beauty home services to cater to working women who don’t have time to go to salons. In 2008, they established the first mobile spa in Bahrain called The Mobile Spa. During the establishment of the spa the friends learned about best practices in the beauty industry and elevated the products used in their spa. This led to the instant success of their spa upon launch.

2009 Professional Beauty Experts
After sourcing various unique products from around the world the 2 friends felt a need to offer them to other spa owners. They established The BeautyCo, a distribution company that sells beauty products to professionals such as spas and salons. With the success of the distribution company the founders expanded the business with branches in their hometown, Bahrain, to the UAE and to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

From 2009 up to today the founders explored many professional beauty products and developed several brands while focusing solely on the professional beauty industry through supplying spas and salons.
2021 Desire to Be a Force for Good
While Covid was a challenging time for everyone, it came with a gift. During Covid, both founders had enough time to look within and question their purpose in life. They started a journey into feminine energy and learned how any area in their lives can be positively impacted when feminine energy is infused into it. Their business was no exception. A new way of living and working was introduced, and they experienced a new type of peace, joy, and bliss. With that elevated experience and a deeper connection with their feminine energy, the two friends transformed the way they look at life.

Influenced by the desire to be a force for good in the world the friends started questioning the purpose behind the effort they put into their business. A strong desire was ignited within them to use their businesses to create a positive impact in the world. This desire led to the creation of PINX.
2023 PINX was born
PINX was created as a social enterprise with a focus on children.PINX donates a meal to a child with every nail polish purchase. PINX then matches the meal donation value to invest in efforts towards protecting children and elevating their circumstances.

PINX aims to empower women to PINX their color of beauty. The word PINX is a Latin term that means “He/she painted it.” PINX believes that every woman is an artist, and her nails are one expression through which she can showcase her artistic flair.