The 4 Pillars of PINX Purpose:

01 Social Enterprise Aimed at Supporting Children PINX was created when its founders went on an inner journey that led them to question the purpose of their businesses. They believe that every business has a responsibility to give back, and as a result, PINX was established as a social enterprise with a focus on protecting and elevating children.
02 Create, Extend, and Amplify the Joy of Manicured Hands & Feet
There is a special type of joy that well-manicured hands and feet bring. The journey of grooming nails and cuticles, followed by the selection of colors, generates a beautiful frequency of joy experienced both during and after the process.

PINX is here to help create, extend, and amplify that joy.
03 Support Every Woman to PINX Her Own Style
The word 'Pinx' is a Latin term that means 'He/she painted it.' It is often inscribed after the artist's signature in a painting to indicate he/she was the painter.

At PINX, we believe every woman is an artist, and her nails are one expression through which she can showcase her artistic flair.
04 Offer the Best Quality Products and Ingredients
PINX is committed to offering high-quality products infused with premium ingredients. Our nail polishes are long-lasting, breathable, fast-drying, and Halal.